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Downsizing & Relocating Services in Melbourne

Many Australians are increasingly choosing to downsize from their larger family home to smaller premises, such as retirement villages, units and apartments, or to aged care facilities.

Relocating to a new place can often be an overwhelming experience, particularly when there is a lifetime of possessions and memories in the home that need to be sorted, with difficult decisions to be made about what should go to the new home and what needs be left behind.

We can compile a complete inventory of the home contents and help you with a plan of what is to go to the new home and what is to be left behind.

We can assist with delivery of items requested by family members (local, interstate or overseas), arrange short or longer term storage while the home is being sold / during settlement, or can arrange goods to be purchased / sold.

The Home Declutter and Clearing service would also extend from Inside the home to Outside the home, and services include:

  • Carry out Rubbish removal. Will arrange Bin Skips which our team will fill with those unwanted items inside and outside the home

  • Clearing or decluttering contents in Sheds, Garages or items stored under the home

  • Home cleaning such as carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, painting and general handyman repairs

Please contact Tim or Tina for any enquiries on 0411224436 or, and we would be very happy to give you a free quotation within 24-48 hours.

What to Expect When Using Tim & Tina for Aged Care Relocation?

We will support your home downsizing and relocating move with our wide range of Declutter & Clearing Services. Our services include Rubbish Removal, Storage, Cleaning Services (domestic, carpet, window, tile & grout), Painting, handyman repairs, Donation to Charity, and always look for those unwanted quality Second Hand items for Sale.

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