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Selling Solutions

Tim & Tina not only offer Professional Home Declutter & Clearing Services, we also help our clients with Selling Sollutions, or are happy to make on offer to purchase unwanted Saleable iems. We are interested in Collectables, including but not limited to items such as the following:

  • English China and Figurines cutlery, Bronze and marble Statues, 

  • All  sports collectables, programs, Scanlens, trade and cigarette cards, sports equipment, books, autographs, medallions, Sports clothing (AFL / NBA / NFL etc…) anything interesting (new or old).

  • Trade and Cigarette Cards, Stamps and Coins, Postcards and photos, Swap Cards, Ephemera

  • Artwork (Original paintings), Musical Instruments

  • Coloured Glassware

  • China, Bric-a-brac, Retro Lamps, Vintage Light Fittings,

  • Record Players, HiFi, Vinyl Records.

  • Movie posters and memorabilia, and Advertising Posters and Signs,

  • Badges, Old Coins and Stamps                                    

  • Petrol Station Memorabilia, Oil Cans, Bottles, toppers, signs, Milk Bar Collectables,

  • Old Vintage Tools,

  • Old or collectable toys, Barbie dolls, model cars, Tin Toys, Gaming Consoles and games, Arcade Games.

  • Books, Records, magazines, programs

  • Taxidermy

  • Anything Quirky and Interesting !!!!

  • Please send photo's to 0411224436 or email photos to

Selling Solutions - Collectables

We at Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Clearing are focused on meeting all our clients needs, which also includes offering Selling solutions for our clients. This may be through arranging items to be sold an an auction house or we  are often happy to make an offer on those unwanted Saleable items. (Note: we prefer our external selling solutions and many Clients have been extremely happy with the results).

Items we are interested in are Collectables including but not limited to Sport and non- sport trading cards, sporting memorabillia,  badges, Ephemera (books, postcards, swap cards, stamps), Advertising Signs, Vintage Oil cans and bottles, Tin & old Tin Toys, English China & Figurines, marble and Bronze statue's, Coins, Vintage Lamps, Vinyl records, Collectable Books, Programs, Coloured Glassware, Old Tools, Anything interesting!! 

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