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Here's How Home Decluttering And Downsizing Can Help

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

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Any relationship comes with a baggage of experiences and memories, and a divorce or separation merely ends a chapter in the couple's life. Those involved must turn to a fresh page and prepare themselves to move on.

Things contain energy and memories of experiences that are either positive or negative. Holding on to artifacts from your former life can hold you back. A shared home or estate generally contains valuable items and belongings of monetary and sentimental value and requires a healthy discussion of ownership and distribution.

Find Out How Home Downsizing and Decluttering Can Help After a Divorce.

1. For easier relocation

Studies show that many choose relocation to move forward with their new life. One may look for a more affordable and smaller home that is also easy to maintain. Packing and moving become easier and less expensive when only the selected items are relocated. Decluttering by professionals can save you from the overwhelming experience of sorting through the possessions of your former married life; relocating becomes less taxing.

2. For saving money

Maybe you've chosen to move out from your former partner's fancy family home into a spare rental house that you picked from a list of deceased estates. Although the change may have been drastic, a smaller house helps manage your personal finance and cover the bills. You don't need to break an emergency fund to pay the rent.

All women — not just single moms or professionals — should invest and grow their wealth. It gives them the freedom and confidence they need to move forward in life.

3. To rebuild your life

It is not unusual to feel lost or sad after a divorce. Things from the past can keep you attached to the ideas of your life while you were married.

Moving on after separation or divorce generally entails someone having to find a new place to live or adapt to a new lifestyle. Studies have shown that very few women regretted downsizing their homes because it allowed them to get rid of certain items without compromise and argument. Participants of a failed marriage often report feeling thrilled, empowered and confident with the financial security that accompanied the more affordable housing after relocation. Leaving a part of their past behind by hiring a company that provides home clearing in Melbourne can rebuild lives in the long run.

4. For changing habits

People often pick up on the habits of who they live with. After divorce, one can break their past habits by starting with something small like reading a new book.

5. For mental peace

When you can't avoid the thoughts of your past relationship completely, the saying and strategy of "Out of sight, out of mind" can actually help! Things like photos or letters can hold sentimental value and may serve as a painful reminder of your divorce. Timely decluttering and downsizing of some belongings by professionals helps you decide what you want to keep and what needs to go without having to handle the things in person.


Memories can be consuming. So hire a professional home declutter and clearing company to feel a positive difference!

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