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Simplified Home Downsizing: Expert Organizer's 9 Essential Tips

Are you moving into a new space with limited space? Do you want to move house your possessions in the moving process?

If so, it’s time to downsize your home without losing your valuable home belongings!

It is no secret that each item in your house is accumulated with a lot of your hard work and you don’t want to lose them, do you?

Don’t worry; this post comes with a few tips that can help you with home downsizing and make the entire process smoother and quicker.

1. Create a List of Must-Have Items

Before you run into downsizing your house, don’t forget to create a list of must-have items during the process. When you have a list of things in advance, you will not rush into things and make the process hassle-free. But here is the sad part- you cannot take everything with you even when you’re emotionally attached to them. Preparing a list of essentials beforehand will help you out!

2. Create a Holding Area

Once you start downsizing, you will come across things that you may or may not need in the future. Ensure you prepare a list of “Maybe” items and create a specific holding area wherein you can keep them and take them back when you revisit the place.

3. Check the Space available in your New Home

If you’ve no idea how much space is available in your new home, you may encounter problems when you install your precious home possessions. Ensure you take items that can easily fit in and don’t require additional space. If you don’t have time to downsize, hire a professional decluttering service today!

4. Adapt to a New Lifestyle

During your home downsizing process, ensure you make some changes to your lifestyle to accommodate your new home requirements. For instance, if you have a big dining table, replace it with a smaller one to save space. Making changes according to your new home can help you save time and money.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

When it comes to packaging and transporting things from one location to another, ensure you start doing so after preparing a list of must-needed items. The moment you start delaying the process, the more time it will take to settle down the complete process.

6. Sell or Donate

If you find a lot of extra items and you don’t need them later, then consider selling them to a nearby dealer or donating them to a charity. Doing so can help you get rid of extra possessions and also let you earn some money.

7. Get Everybody’s Involvement

Well, you cannot do this alone, can you? Thus, you should create a meeting and ask everyone in your family and friends to join and learn about the cause of downsizing. When you have people’s back, the entire process can be seamless and quick.

8. Take Photos

Be sure to take pictures of the things that you want to relocate. Having them clicked on your smartphone ensures that you won’t skip them during the downsizing process.

9. Ready for New Beginnings

Once you have moved all the home items to a new house, it's time to kick a fresh start. When excess and old items are removed, negativity will be cleared from your mind and thus, you will become more productive.


So, that’s a wrap to the downsizing tips to consider when moving to a new place!

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